Hearing Aid Batteries & Rechargeability

Making sure your hearing aids are ready for use is an important aspect of your hearing care process!  Whether your hearing aids use rechargeable or disposable batteries, it is important to be prepared so you’re never without your hearing aids when you need them.

digital hearing aid batteries

The two main types of batteries are rechargeable and disposable.

Most rechargeable batteries are only available for behind the ear devices and are designed to be charged at night.  The benefit is that you purchase fewer batteries and avoid the unfortunate environmental effects of used batteries.  Rechargeable batteries are designed to be charged at night when not in use and typically offer a full day of use thereafter.

Disposable batteries come in a variety of sizes, which your hearing aid provider can select for you.  These sizes are denoted by color.  Once you know what size you need, you only have to look for the correct color, and you can replace them anywhere that sells batteries.   Typically, the larger the device or the more severe the hearing issues, the larger the battery needed.

The life of disposable batteries varies depending on the hearing aid type, level of hearing loss, and other usage factors. Having a back up pair of batteries on hand at all times is critical in order to prevent yourself from being without power to your device.

In order to preserve the life of your batteries and devices, make sure they are turned off when not in use. Open the battery door of battery-operated devices to allow any built up moisture to escape at night when devices are not in use. Exposure to heat and humidity and other metal objects can shorten battery life, so be sure to store your devices safely.

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