Swift Audiology Donation Collage

Swift Audiology Supports Local Veterans Needing Service Dogs

Veterans have done so much to protect our freedom but when they return home, the scars of war sometimes remain.  Swift Audiology is proud to support Rescue 22 Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides the highest quality task trained dogs on behalf of our nation’s veterans.

Angela Connor, Executive Board Chair, CFO, and Co-Founder of Rescue 22 is the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and saw firsthand the effects of war.  When asked what the 22 stood for, she replied, “The 22 represents 22 veterans we lose to suicide a day.”

The organization provides psychiatric, mobility, and medical service dogs to our veterans at no charge and without geographic restrictions. Service dogs meeting the needs of veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress remain our most requested type of dog. Currently, the VA does not provide funding for service dogs for PTS, TBI, or other non-mobility diagnoses.

Generous donations from individuals, companies, and sponsors provide monies for the $25,000 it takes to train a dog.  The dogs are an important tool to combat depression, anxiety and other challenges associated with PTSD.  There are currently 10 veterans within the Pittsburgh region on the waiting list for a service dog.

Swift Audiology is a proud supporter of the Rescue 22 Foundation. We have and will continue to commit monies to the organization for each hearing aid sold. These funds helped to offset the cost of training a service dog for Josh a local Pittsburgh Veteran.  It was our honor to meet Josh and his family in presenting a check to help pay for his service dog.  Our veterans have given so much – it’s time we all do our part to give back.  Call 724-222-9010 or visit www.swiftaudiology.com to learn more.