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Hearing Aid Manufacturers We Carry


Oticon has been a world leader in hearing healthcare since 1904. Based in Denmark, Oticon’s focus is on “People First.”

Oticon’s More hearing aid is a huge leap forward in hearing technology, offering speech understanding on par with normal hearing.


With over 70 years of providing excellent hearing solutions to those in need, Phonak has a rich history, which began in Switzerland. During those years, Phonak has consistently created and provided the latest in hearing aid and sound technology. They have constantly been on the cutting edge, introducing the smallest hearing aid and the first bluetooth compatible device. Their innovation and commitment to excellence has been well tested over time.

Their newest device, Phonak Paradise , uses the best technology to give you an easy to use device with high quality sound.  This rechargeable device can connect to other media devices and apps for an overall hearing experience like no other.

Starkey logo

Starkey is the only major hearing aid manufacturer based in the U.S.A. Founded in 1967, Starkey is known for developing the first in-canal hearing aid and first custom, digital and fully programmable invisible hearing aid.

Starkey is a pioneer still today with its new Evolv AI hearing device, which offers rechargeability, wireless streaming to smartphones, and the ability to track body and brain health.


Signia, which used to go by the Siemens name, is owned by Sivantos Group, based in both Singapore and Denmark. Their mission is to help people with hearing loss lead better lives.

Signia’s Styletto hearing aid is the world’s first slim receiver in the canal hearing aid. Featuring a full suite of technologies, Styletto allows users to hear better with confidence.

Unitron Logo

Unitron was founded in 1964 in Waterloo Region, Canada. Unitron is committed to delivering the best patient experience, which goes beyond simply the product. Unitron has developed the FLEX model, which includes a unique ability to both try, as well as, upgrade features in hearing devices.

Unitron’s latest platform, Discover, is all about empowering people with hearing loss to love their lives and experiences.