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Audiological Staff and Patient
Bill has been a patient at Swift Audiology since 2011. His advice to those who need or have hearing aids, “Be persistent and WEAR the hearing aids. Don’t give up – speak up with your concerns and questions. Wearing my hearing aids has allowed me to be “IN” the conversation. I can continue to work and interact with people”.
Audiological Staff and Patient
James is a 2nd generation Swift Audiology patient. His mother used the Swift Audiology services and the family was very pleased. “The staff are highly experienced in helping people live better fuller lives. Since I’ve gotten my hearing aids, I can hear many things including the smoke detector! My recommendation to others considering hearing aids….if I can borrow a phrase from Nike, “Just Do It!”
Carol has been with Swift for 9 years. “The hearing aids have improved my life immensely. I am very pleased with Swift, the way they do business and everything about them.”