Our Audiology Services

Hearing Evaluations

We take a comprehensive approach to testing in order to get the most accurate results so we can better counsel you on the best solution, if any is needed. Speech discrimination scores are obtained to estimate the loss of hearing pertaining to clarity of word recognition ability of the ear. Speech testing is performed both in quiet and with background noise to assess hearing ability in both environments.

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Lifestyle Assessments

Picking the right technology is one of the most important aspects of being successful with hearing aids. Our professionals will help you review your lifestyle needs and your hearing loss and find the right technology to get you back enjoying life.

Patient Care

We’ve found that 94% of patients are satisfied with their hearing aids when the have ongoing professional care and support during the use of hearing aids. That is why Swift is here for you.

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Tinnitus Management

Our hearing professionals are trained in assessing and managing tinnitus with the use of sound stimulation and hearing aid technology. Our services and technology are aimed to help achieve tinnitus relief and improve the quality of your life.

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