The Hearing Aid Test Drive

The Hearing Aid Test Drive™

The Hearing Aid Test Drive is simple:

1. Make an appointment for a hearing evaluation.

2. Take home hearing devices that same day with no deposit or commitment required.

3. Take your time and try out as many devices as you want until you find the perfect fit.

We live in a time when the technologies available to treat hearing loss are abundant.

A variety of styles, technologies, and brands exist for those experiencing hearing difficulties. While the plethora of options is beneficial, so many choices can feel a bit overwhelming at first.

That is why we offer patients the Hearing Aid Test Drive™.  This option allows you to try out different hearing devices in your life before you make a selection. Each person has a unique hearing need, a different life style and specific preferences, and your hearing aids should match those needs and preferences.  The Hearing Aid Test Drive will allow you to use different styles and types of devices out in the real world where your hearing needs REALLY take place.

At Swift Audiology, we want to find the solution that is best for your personal hearing needs and lifestyle. The Test Drive will help you to find that solution and to feel comfortable with your choice.


“Being able to hear sounds I haven’t heard for a long time, carrying on conversations with others, and corresponding on the phone were fantastic to me. I was excited and it was unbelievable. This was all made possible because of Tammy. The time she spent with me, her concerns, always wanting to make sure she was giving me everything she possibly could to improve my hearing. I would highly recommend Tammy and her staff to family, friends, or strangers with complaints about hearing or hearing aids.”

– Christine E.

You are one of a kind, and so are your hearing needs.

Through the Hearing Aid Test Drive process, you can personally evaluate which devices are best suited to your unique needs. Hearing evaluations in the office can tell you if hearing aids would be beneficial to you, but only trying them in the real world can tell you which ones are best suited to your needs.

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